1. DeA Capital is active in Alternative Asset Management, through:

  • DeA Capital Real Estate, the largest real estate asset management company in Italy
  • DeA Capital Alternative Funds, that controls funds and private equity funds of funds

2. DeA Capital carries out diversified alternative investments in Private Equity and, to a lesser extent, in Real Estate:

  • Indirect Investments:
    In Private Equity and Real Estate Funds and "Funds of Funds", managed by the Group’s asset managers: DeA Capital Alternative Funds and DeA Capital Real Estate Investments have a medium-long term horizon.
  • Direct Investments:
    Currently a residual investment in Migros, minority shareholdings in IDeaMI and Cellularline.

* * *

With the liquidity generated by the disposal of investments, DeA Capital will repay part of any debt to maintain a balanced financial position, evaluate reinvestment opportunities in the asset management sector and proceed to distributing any excess financial resources to its shareholders.

Current DeA Capital Structure


Alternative Asset Management

€ 22 mld Combined Assets Under Management (*)
Real Estate Funds

€ 9.8 Bln AuM

Private equity funds, FoFs

€ 5.0 Bln AuM

Investment Solutions

€ 7.2 Bln AuM

(*) “Combined Assets under Management” means the assets under management of the management companies in which the Group holds an absolute or relative majority interest, as well as assets managed by the foreign subsidiaries. With reference to Private Equity funds, total commitments are considered.

Alternative investments

PE and RE Fund Investments (~ 121 mln €; managed by the group’s AM firms)
Direct PE investments

DeA Capital Pocket-size Abstract 2019