Results' Summary


(Euro milion)30 September 201930 September 2018Change
Asset Under Management "AUM"11,76411,4043.2%
Fee-Paying AUM (*)10,3459,9174.3%
Management fees47.245.14.7%
Platform Net Operating Profit (#)
Group Net Profit/(Loss)6.56.9-5.8%

(*) Amount for management fees calculation
(#) Sum of the Net Operating Profit of the two asset management companies, before the impact of purchase Price Allocation (“PPA”), impairment, and other non recurring items.

(Eur million)30 September 201931 December 2018 (§)Change
Investment portfolio368.9366.62.3
Consolidated Net Financial Position111.5101.010.5
Net Financial Position - Holding companies78.665.313.3
NAV/share (EUR)1.731.720.01

(§) Data at 31.12.18 "adjusted". Data reflects the extraordinary dividend distribution of 0.12 € / share, namely total 31.2 million €, carried in may 2019 and the IFRS 16 effect from 1.1.2019 on the Consolidated Net Financial Position and on the Net financial Position of Holding companies (respectively for 16.1 million € and 2,9 million €)