Fact Sheet



DeA Capital is De Agostini Group’s only vehicle for investments in private equity and alternative asset management. Stock exchange listing has the objective of increasing the total size of investments and their diversification.

Headquartes: Milan, Italy

Listing: 20 march 2000 (by partial split-off from an existing public company, not a Public Offering)

Shares: Ordinary Shares

Shareholders: Total shares: 266.612.100 / Management Fee: no / Performance Fee: no

Listing Information:

Listing: FTSE Italia STAR, FTSE Italia AllShare, MTAX
Isin Code: IT0001431805
Tickers: FTSE Italia STAR (DEA), Bloomberg (DEA IM), Reuters (DEA.MI)



Board of Directors

Chairman Chief Executive Officer Directors
Lorenzo Pellicioli * Paolo Ceretti* Marco Drago
Lino Benassi
Marco Boroli
Carlo Enrico Ferrari Ardicini
Donatella Busso **
Francesca Golfetto **
Severino Salvemini **
Daniela Toscani **
Elena Vasco **
* Ordinary and extraordinary executive powers exercised with single signatory.
** Independent Director.


Board of Auditors

Chairman Principal auditors Alternate auditors
Cesare Andrea Grifoni Annalisa Raffaella Donesana
Fabio Facchini
Andrea Augusto Bonafé
Michele Maranò
Marco Sguazzini Viscontini

Independent Auditors: PricewaterhouseCoopers S.p.A., Milano

Reporting: Annual Report, Semi-annual report, Interim Management Reports.