IDEAMI is the first institutional special purpose acquisition vehicle (SPAC) promoted by Banca IMI and DeA Capital, which will be engaged in the search for medium-sized, non-listed, Italian target companies with high value-creation potential. IDeaMI, which successfully completed its share placement raising Eur 250 million, is defined by its strong focus on aligning the interests of investors and promoters, supported by an innovative structure and the significant financial commitment of its promoters, who have invested in ordinary shares of the SPAC totalling 16.5% of the capital raised. The project makes sound business sense thanks to the Promoters’ unrivalled expertise and network, which will facilitate the creation of value from it.

IDEAMI was listed on the AIM Italia on 11 December 2017.
The Board of Directors of IDEAMI comprises: Giuliano Asperti (Chairman), Paolo Ceretti (Chief Executive Officer), Tommaso Ferrari, Pietro Galli, Pier Luigi Rossi, Stefano Stangoni, Stefano Tanzi (independent director).



Cellularline S.p.A.

On 4 June 2018, the business combination between Crescita SPAC and the Cellular Group, brand owner of Cellularline and Italian leader in the development and sale of accessories for smartphones and tablets, was finalised. Following the transaction, which resulted in converting 35% of special shares held into ordinary shares, DeA Capital holds 3.8% of the combined entity, which has been renamed Cellularline S.p.A..