Results Summary

The DeA Capital Group’s key operating performance and financial position figures at 31 March 2022 are shown below, compared with the corresponding figures at 31 March 2021.

(Euro milion) 31 March 2022 31 March 2021
Combined Assets Under Management (*) 26,192 24.735
Combined Revenues (*) 25.8 25.5
Net Operating Result AAM (°) 4.0 4.4
Group Net Profit/(Loss) 0.6 10.6
Net Financial Position (1Q 2022/FY 2021) 140.8 135.9

(*) Combined AUM (Assets Under Management) and Combined Revenues mean respectively the assets under management and the revenues of the asset management companies in which the Group holds an absolute/relativemajority interest (non-consolidated), as well as the corresponding figures reported by the foreign subsidiaries. As at 31 March 2022, the amounts relating to non-consolidated companies included in these amounts amounted to EUR 8,685 million at the Combined AUM level and EUR 7.4 million at the Combined Revenues level (in fact corresponding to 100% of the AUM and Quaestio Capital SGR revenues).
(°) Includes the Net Result before PPA / non-recurring items of the three Asset Management Companies of the Platform: DeA Capital Real Estate SGR, DeA Capital Alternative Funds SGR and Quaestio SGR (@ 38.82%, incl. Quaestio Holding).