Access key


What are access keys

Access keys are keyboard shortcuts that enable to quickly access a website link.

Usually the link connects to a main page of the website. However they can be used to quickly access the
research box or return to the beginning of the main content of the page.

Access keys are a combination of keyboards that vary depending on the browser, also in different
versions of the same browsers.
The following are the most common browsers in use.

Table Access Key

Access Key Page Access Key Page
H Home page 1 Annual And Quarterly Reports
G Glossary 2 Analyst kit
E Email-News 3 Press Releases
F FAQ 4 Financial Calendar
L Careers 5 Corporate Governance
R RSS Feed 6 Shareholder meetings
C Main Contacts 7 Images
D De Agostini Group 8 Info Request
A Company and Strategy 9 Location

How Access Keys Work

Browser Windows Linux Mac
Internet Explorer [Alt] + accesskey N/A N/A
Chrome [Alt] + accesskey [Alt] + accesskey [Control] [Alt] + accesskey
Firefox [Alt] [Shift] + accesskey [Alt] [Shift] + accesskey [Control] [Alt] + accesskey
Safari [Alt] + accesskey N/A [Control] [Alt] + accesskey
Opera 15 [Alt] + accesskey [Alt] + accesskey [Alt] + accesskey