ESG Framework

Since 2020, DeA Capital has been defining a framework related to ESG issues aimed at rationalising and integrating into a coherent and governable framework the initiatives and criteria for managing the various areas of Alternative Asset Management in which it operates.
The path undertaken complements that of the entire DeA Capital Group, which has achieved important ESG-related objectives since 2019.

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Corporate Governance

The governance structure adopted by DeA Capital, is founded on the core unit of the Board of Directors; on the presence of correct disclosure practices regarding the choices and the procedure for company decisions, on an effective system of internal controls, on effective monitoring for potential conflicts of interest and on a rigorous code of behavior regarding the implementation of transactions with related parties.

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The De Agostini Foundation was established in March 2007 in Novara by the Boroli and Drago families to return to the community part of the added value generated by the entrepreneurial activities of the De Agostini Group.

The Foundation operates mainly in the social sphere, to respond concretely and effectively to the needs of people with disabilities, with situations of fragility or marginalisation and with particular attention to the younger generations, who represent the future of our country.

Today the De Agostini Foundation is active in four main areas:

Disability, Education and Training, Social Inclusion and Emergencies.

With these objectives in mind, over the years the Foundation has set up a network of relationships and numerous collaborations with organisations, foundations, institutions and associations that share the same mission and objectives and, together with them, has been committed to creating and supporting initiatives of great value.

Wherever possible, the criteria of replicability and economic sustainability are applied when chosing the projects. The Foundation aims to ensure that successful interventions can be replicated in different areas and locations and seeks to promote and strengthen the sustainability of the projects themselves and their ability to continue independently after the initial start-up phase.

The De Agostini Foundation intervenes mainly in the Novara area – with which the name De Agostini has had a deep connection for over a century – and in Italy. It is also active at international level, supporting projects linked to situations of social and environmental emergency.