Corporate Sustainability

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics outlines the ethical principles that the DeA Capital Group Companies and Organizations intend to adopt in their business dealings and in the management of the companies. It also sets out the standards of conduct that the Group requires of its directors, employees, and associates to ensure compliance.


ESG Policy

Adopting an ESG Policy demonstrates DeA Capital S.p.A.’s commitment to creating value to benefit each class of stakeholder (both Internal and External Stakeholders), with the primary commitment involving building a solid ESG framework at group level.
ESG Policy


View the asset management Companies’ ESG / Sustainable Investment Policies:

Human Rights Policy

The purpose of adopting DeA Capital’s Human Rights Policy is, on the one hand, to publicly express the Company’s and the DeA Capital Group’s intention to respect, defend and promote the protection of human rights, and, on the other hand, to integrate these principles into its business and in all its relationhips.
The introduction of the Policy derives from the DeA Capital Group’s conviction, through its ESG Committee, of the necessity and responsibility to promote respect for fundamental Human Rights in all possible ways and locations.